“Real Crime Cases” is a daily two-minute radio feature profiling missing person, wanted fugitives and unsolved crimes. The listeners can call or visit my website with any tips they might have and receive a cash reward for any pertinent information.
Target Demographic: Men 18 – 24, Adults 25 – 34, Adults 35 – 44, Adults 45 – 54

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“Sports Round Up”
    Hosted by the lovely LaTanya, The “Sports Round Up” is a daily
two-minute radio feature summarizing  the latest up-to-the-minute
sports headlines. Listeners will get last nights scores, the most recent
sports related news, contract meetings, draft picks, releases and
everything else happening in the world of sports.
Target Demographic: Men 18 – 54
“Car Care Tips”
For your car enthusiasts, this daily two-minute radio feature contains advice
we can ALL use. The show will educated drivers about preventative care
for their automobile. How they can prolong the life expectancy of their
vehicle and the proper way to maintain their vehicle in these touch economic
times. They will learn proper tire pressure, how to maximize gas mileage and
other small tidbits every driver can do to get the most of out their car.
Target Demographic: Men 18 – 54
“Healthy Lifestyle Tips”
We all have it. The desire to live a healthy life but lack the motivation and
knowledge to stick to it. Each day, hear interesting facts about how what you eat
can leave a lasting impression on your daily life. Learn about how taking the stairs
instead of the elevator can add six months to your life. Learn about how eating half
a cup of oatmeal for breakfast can prevent a heart attack .Did you know that scientists
have found that sleep deprivation increases levels of a hunger hormone and
decreases levels of a hormone that makes you feel full? The effects may lead
to overeating and weight gain. Well, now you will know that and more with
this daily two-minute radio feature
Target Demographic: Women 25 – 54
“80's Memory Flashback”
Target Demographic: Adults 35 – 44
“Daily Safety Tips”
Danger lurks EVERYWHERE! Even when you think you are being careful, 
accidents can still occur. Listens will learn about fire safety, poison control, 
crime prevention and how to keep you and your family away from danger.
Target Demographic: Women 25 - 64

Terms for All Shows: Barter

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Listen to the demo here
Listen to the demo here
Listen to the demo here
Listen to the demo here
“90's Flashback”
      The Spice Girls, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Nick at Nite, Jumanji,...
are you breaking into tears yet about your lost youth? Well, don’t worry. Grab
a tissue and relive those great school years with me on this daily two-minute
radio feature. You will hear nostalgic sound bites, music and maybe if you are
good, Bill Clinton playing the saxophone on “The Arsenio Hall Show”  

Target Demographic: Adults 25 – 34
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